Film, TV, and Video Producer, AND Drone Pilot, Danny Dodge

Danny Dodge is first call cameraman, photographer, and videographer for several well known outdoor and hunting shows. He's also a teacher and inventor. His portable camera dolly system called Cinerails is becoming well known among film and video production companies around the world. In this episode of Make Your Own Way, Danny tells us about some of his early experiences in television, the direction of outdoor programming, some of his best memories of his work so far, and his latest passion, drone photography.
You can find more information about Danny and his work at these links:
The main website for Make Your Own Way is
The show is hosted by Franklin Taggart


  1. Awesome interview! I'm inspired by Franklin's conversation with Danny Dodge; how he created his own path via an inventive mind and spirit, his discovery that he could make a difference through his own unique teaching style, and through his camera work, storytelling, and love of craft. Good stuff for those of us who embody the renaissance soul, but want to make our own way in the concrete world of form and creation. --Debra Raver


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