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I'm an Android user, so iTunes isn't an option on my devices. I've really enjoyed using Podcast Addict, developed by Xavier Guillemaine. It can search using the iTunes search engine, which gives you access to all the same content as iTunes. It also allows you to easily organize, sort, download and play your favorite shows.

I'd love to recommend some of my favorites if you haven't heard them before.

I Love Marketing Joe Polish and Dean Jackson talk about every aspect of marketing. It's better than a college degree.

More Cheese, Less Whiskers Dean Jackson interviews people in the trenches of starting businesses and helps them to create stronger marketing plans.

Your Exponential Practice Podcast Jamie Smart interviews people who are building successful businesses through a new understand of how our minds work. Fascinating and very helpful!

Business Reimagined Danny Iny and his team present a thoughtful and powerful show on navigating the world of business with all it's new dynamics and tools.

10X Talk Dan Sullivan and Joe Polish talk about how to strategize for the rapid growth of your business. The 10X principle proposes that it's easier to grow by 10X than it is to grow by 2X.

I hope you'll enjoy Make Your Own Way among your favorite podcasts. If you'd like to know more about me, please visit FranklinTaggart.com!

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